Thursday, October 15, 2009


The eyes.
Black and unending.. staring into me.
Boring into my being, drilling their way into my mind.

There is an innocence.
Such a deceptive trait. The mask employed to cover its real nature.
We were so easily manipulated, so easily misled.
It plays with me. It toys with my resolve.

It will break me, I have accepted this.
Those eyes...
I look into nothing, yet they see everything.
I am afraid.

It stares, always.
The eyes show no emotion, nor feeling.

The intensits of its gaze distorts my mind.
I feel helpless. I am helpless.
I cannot bear it.
I cannot shake it.
This sickening, overwhelming feeling.

I have lost. It knows.
We will break. It understands.
We contain it, yet it watches us,
with hatred beyond our comprehension.

Waiting with childlike innocence and machiavellian intelligence.
Always waiting.