Thursday, November 18, 2010


The stench was almost overwhelming. He looked at the cadaver with cold, calculating eyes. He analysed the body, taking in all details with a practiced eye. Distorted limbs had been twisted to sickening angles. Gaping holes had been torn into flesh. Sinew and muscle had been divided into viscous crimson strands. He noticed the minimal blood staining the victim's clothing, contradicting the obvious amount of havoc wrought to have inflicted such horrific injuries. He slowly stepped around the operating table, his shoes clicking and creaking on the mezzanine floor. He paused.

He looked carefully into the eyes of the carcass. The pupils had been depleted of colour. Where the body itself held a feeling of life, the eyes gave the feeling of absence. The hollow, vacant gaze pierced his resolve and invaded his mind like a serpent's long, slender tendrils writhing and constricting around their prey. He placed 2 fingers on the side of the corpse's throat...


He exhaled quietly and walked to his workbench. He skimmed over the information given from the delivering officers. Name, Birthplace, Rank, Family, none of it was of any relevance. Putting a human face to the most inhuman of tasks would not be beneficial to the cause. He looked back to the still figure, the lifeless eyes still staring at the fluorescent lighting overhead. The lights hummed quietly, the only noise audible in the operating room at this hour. He moved to the sink. The splash of the water on the metal basin cut through the unnerving silence. He dried his hands and started to put on a pair of gloves. He turned back to face the table. He stared at the body as he adjusted the latex that had bunched around his knuckles. He picked up a tray where he kept his medical instruments. He took them to the operating table and placed the tray down with the softest of touches. He pulled his dictaphone from his coat's breast pocket and slowly pushed down the record button.

Body temperature, 35 degrees Celsius and falling.

Numerous tears in the left brachium. Strands of muscle separated, fibrous in texture and appearance. Muscle filaments coated in thick, transparent substance acting as cauterizing agent.

9 punctures found on the subjects left shoulder, in oval formation with 4 inch vertical diameter, centered precisely on the articulatio humeri. Abrasions spaced 0.5 inches apart. Lower 5 punctures with a 0.5 inch shift left. Puncture sample measuring 2.3 inches deep, 0.15 inches radius, tapering to a point, suggesting piercing canines, though this wound is synonymous with all others. Interlocking horizontal distance and wound depth suggest protruding jaws. Cauterizing substance found to line each puncture wound.

Further lacerations found on corpse's jugular. Slight bruising surrounds each abrasion, signs of increase in force in attack. Wound radius 0.35 inches and do not appear to have the perfect symmetry of the humeri abrasions. Closer inspection reveals bruised dermal areas contain slight lacerations and dermal trauma. Puncture depth 2.6 inches. Trachea crushed, severe puncture wounds. Cause of death, crushed windpipe.

He pushed the stop button on his recording device. The buttons clicked back into their original position. He exhaled slowly and placed the dictaphone down onto the table. He removed his gloves with a snap and grabbed the tray carrying his instruments. He emptied the tray into the decontamination bin and slid the tray along the bench towards the sink. He leaned against the bench and turned to face to the operating table once more. He walked back to the table and picked up the dictaphone.

He slowly pushed down the record button. The button clicked as it locked into position.

What is most concerning is the increase in sadistic, machiavellian intelligence. Rather than habitual adequacy, wounds sustained by test subjects indicate a deliberate, prolonged suffering. Further augmentation not recommended.