Saturday, January 30, 2010


The dull red glow of the traffic light gave the street a surreal quality.
The shadows cast by the moon had been diluted and distorted by the artificial light.
I slunk back into the seat, checking my rear view mirror. Nothing.
I gripped the wheel tightly, pushing my shoulder blades back as I stretched.
I closed my eyes and exhaled, releasing the wheel.

I scanned the intersecting street. The night seemed dead.
A slight wind was rolling an empty bottle down the footpath.
The indents on the glass sent soft tones reverberating down the empty city street.
I glanced back at the lights.
Still red.

My eyes wandered back to my mirrors. A car idled behind. Waiting.
I tried to study the outline of the driver. The shadowy visage stared back, unmoving.
The quiet rhythm of the bottle drew my attention back to the path.
I started to lose myself in the hypnotic melody.

A car horn blared, I jerked upright in my seat and moved my hand to the gearbox.
I started to push the accelerator, then paused.
The same dull red glare illuminated the intersection.
I glanced back into the mirror.

I watched the silouette for a reaction, but got none.
I looked back to the lights.
Still red.
I looked back into the mirrors, no sign of movement, only unsettling silence.

Without averting my gaze, I slowly slouched back into the seat.
We sit and wait.
I can hear the bottle rolling.
Closer this time, the scratching tones more rapid as the wind gathers.
The bottle nears the path edge.
The buckled concrete threatened to halt its melodic rumble.
My eyes drifted back to the lights.

Again the car horn breaks through the quiet.
I exhaled sharply and grip the wheel tightly.
The short blast echoed across through the street.
The traffic light continued to cast the ominous red glow over intersection.
My eyes darted to the mirrors.
The driver remained deathly still.
I turned to focus directly on dim outline of my antagonist.

I heard a hollow, resonating tone.
I turned to see the bottle drifting through the air.
Time seemed to slow as the vessel continued its short descent.
The bottle burst and sent hundreds of echoing bell tones ringing through the street.
The car horn blared again.
I snapped back to the intersection, muscles spasming from the shock.
I pushed hard on the accelerator.
The tyres squealed.
I shot forward into the intersection.
I glanced at the lights.
The mocking red glow growing brighter as I sped towards the corner.

I pulled the wheel hard to the right.
The car jerked violently at the sudden change in bearing.
Tyres began to drag, the engine screamed.

I took my foot off the accelerator and slammed it on the brake,
The car came to a stop I pulled to the side of the intersecting street.
I stared forward. My heart pounded in my ears.
I slowly turned to face the the intersection.
The indistinct form of the driver remained frozen in place.

The red haze flickered and dissipated.
The green light bathed the intersection an unearthly glow.
The car crept forward slowly, almost silently.
The tyre treads made soft noise as they gripped the bitumen.
The driver stopped at the lights.
Its car idled quietly, barely audible in the quiet night.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Passing

I listen to the thrum of distant traffic.
The familiar noises of the night.
My eyes sting, my body slackens.
I stare at the ceiling, mind empty.

Slowly, the noise begins to quiet.
The thrum deteriorates into a hollow silence.
I feel a slow, rhythmic beat, start to pulse through my body.
My heart skips a count.

My senses cloud further, as the ripple penetrates my consciousness.
Feelings of dread and despair wash over my psyche.
I feel my muscles tighten in fear.
The steady pulse overwhelms my own rapid palpitations.

The atmosphere begins to grow thick with condensation.
The moisture clings to my body, I feel it drag on my skin.
I feel weak under its crushing weight.
Relentless throbbing overwhelms my senses.

My body feels numb.
The deafening pulse penetrates my core.
My eyes begin to close..
Cold air saturates my lungs..

The pulse slows..
I can feel a shift in the atmosphere..
The pressure starts to subside.
I can breathe.

The pulse fades, I grow weary.
My limbs start to relax.
My eyes sting.
I hear a faint thrum in the distance.